Results of Training

Agenda Topics

New Patients, New Cases

  • Learn what motivates the 2019 Millennial customer
  • How to have an abundance of new cases
  • How to create a steady stream of educated wait-list new cases
  • How to predispose new cases with an auto-track
  • Action steps needed to have the perfect number of cases
  • How to instantly connect with new patients
  • How to reduce practice stress by 75%

New Cash Revenue

  • Provide “blocks of care therapy”
  • How to drive a cash dominant practice
  • Learn why patients WANT to pay for care in “blocks”
  • Secure your practice with cash payments
  • Collect $1,500-$2,500 more in cash per week
  • New level of collected income and profit
  • See the EXACT plan to get 85% cash / 15% insurance ratio

Change your business and your life!

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